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The Thief

Make no mistake, we live in a truly beautiful place: our little southeastern corner of Washington State has often been overlooked in the past due to its geographical isolation but never its rich scenery.  Walla Walla has gone through a metamorphosis of a kind over the past 3 decades.  What was once only known as an agricultural Eastern Washington town abundant in sweet onions, peas and asparagus has come to be a notable stop on many a winery tour map of the West Coast.  The town is a wine lover’s paradise and has quickly become known as an epicenter of innovation, attracting winemaking talent and investments from all over the world.

With the opening of The Thief Fine Wine & Beer, we have entered into a cultural conversation with our town and, most notably, Walla Walla’s winemakers.  As one might guess, making good wine, let alone beautiful wine comes from years of study and effort.  Winemakers need to explore outside of their own cellars and regions to diversify their palates and find inspiration.  In Walla Walla, most notably, there is a fierce study of the Rhone varietals of France.  Syrah, Grenache, Mourvédre, Cinsault, Viognier, Picpoul, Roussanne and Marsanne can all be found within the Valley (among others).  By creating a central hub for these winemakers not just to shop for wines that inspire, but to have a real place to exchange ideas outside of their own cellars has been exceptionally meaningful to us.

The Walla Walla Curator Club is a reflection and an homage to these relationships and the dialogues in which we are honored to be participants.  Every other month, the Walla Walla Curator Club will ship two to six bottles of specially selected Walla Walla wine to your doorstep, complete with tasting notes, winery and vinification information, as well as pairing suggestions. 

Estimated cost $200 every other month. 

Named for a character appearing in one of our favorite authors’ novels as well as our namesake—The Thief, The Artful Dodger Club is for the wine lover who wants to go on an adventure, fall in the mud, fall in love with the mud, and then discover flowers. No thievery here, just appreciation for how truly transformative the world of wine can be—in the blink of a moment’s eye or after many years of waiting.  

Every other month, the Artful Dodger will ship a curated bi-monthly selection of the wild, the natural, the epic, the meditative and the hard to find.  It will include two to six bottles of hand-selected wines to your doorstep, complete with tasting notes, winery and vinification information, as well as pairing suggestions. 

Estimated cost $200 every other month. 

Building a well-curated wine cellar can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  Rely on The Thief’s team of wine professionals to carry a small part of your burden by joining Grand Heist.  With access to highly sought after allocations of hard to find wines from all over the world, the Grand Heist Cellar Builder Club members will not only receive a recurring shipment of the world’s great wines but will have first access to all allocated items that arrive throughout the year at The Thief.  Bonnie and Clyde wished they’d had it this well.

With each quarterly shipment, Grand Heist Cellar Builder Club members will receive 3 to 6 bottles of allocated wine to their doorstep, complete with tasting notes, winery and vinification information, as well as cellaring suggestions.

Estimated $400 per quarterly shipment.

It truly is an exciting time to be a beer lover!  Every day, the world of beer continues to grow with passionate, creative, artisanal brewers from every corner of the globe.  These incredible brewers are looking at often-forgotten traditions as well as new and exciting brewing techniques and ingredients to tickle the taste buds of every discerning palate.  The goal of our beer club is to feature a new style, trend, location, or innovative technique each month to expose our customers to everything from the cutting edge to the oldest traditions.

With each monthly shipment, members of the World of Beer club will receive 4 to 6 beers hand selected from our unique, limited release, or allocated beer selection at The Thief.  These beers will be shipped directly to your doorstep or available for pickup with each shipment featuring tasting notes, brewery, and beer specific information. 

Estimated cost of $100 every other month.

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