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Der Pollerhof Gruner Veltliner 1L 2021

Der Pollerhof Gruner Veltliner 1L 2021

Erwin Pöller is one of the most under-rated winemakers in Austria, simply because he works vines in one of the most under-rated regions, the Weinviertel. David Schildknecht writes: "Erwin Poller is as meticulous and tenaciously hard-working, pensive and visionary, as any grower in Austria, and despite farming in the unglamorous Weinviertel renders some of his country’s most delicious and fascinating--not to mention best-value--wines. Poller makes a strong case from historical research as well as in the glass for the long-standing viticultural potential of Röschitz and its environs, near the Weinviertel’s western edge. But in truth, there are clearly numerous localities and corners of this vast region simply awaiting an intrepid vintner for their potential to be unlocked or rediscovered. Poller’s ambitions extend to numerous creative projects centered around sustainability and the preservation of a diverse ecosystem."

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