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Domaine de Trevallon IGP Alpilles Rouge 2019

Domaine de Trevallon IGP Alpilles Rouge 2019

“Domaine de Trévallon is a thrilling reminder that wine is art. This sumptuous Provençal red is a one-of-a-kind wine experience—truly one of the world’s greatest (if unsung) red wines.”
Ian Cauble, Master Sommelier

René Durrbach first purchased Domaine de Trevallon back in 1955, around the time that he was running around Provence with Picasso, Léger, and other well-known creatives. During the early ‘70s, his son Elo began planting ‘Bordeaux’ varieties on their property and produced their first wine back in 1976, which eventually led to the creation of an AOC appellation (Les Baux de Provence) for these wines. However, Eloi chose to label his wines IGP, as he refused to adapt his blend to AOC regulation. ‘Alpilles Rouge’ is bold yet balanced, beloved for its structure, bright acidity, and serious potential to age. 

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