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Ganevat Vieux Macvin du Jura 2008

Ganevat Vieux Macvin du Jura 2008

"I had never tasted the NV Vieux Macvin du Jura from Ganevat before. It is must of mostly Chardonnay with a little Savagnin blended with old Marc du Jura and aged in Burgundy barrels since 2003. The nose had strong aromas of aged grappa some hints of apples spices and dry nuts with more complexity than most MacVins I know. The palate shows great integration of the alcohol and very good balance between sweetness acidity and alcohol (although this is bottled at 17.5% alcohol...) which makes it dangerously easy to drink. This has to be among the best MacVin I've ever had and reminded me of the legendary Vin de Liqueur from Monsieur Overnoy. Sip it slowly in front of the chimney. Somehow the aged spirit aromas always make me think of Asturias in the north of Spain where these spirits are quite common." -Luis Gutierrez

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