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The Thief

Gertie & Max Regent 2018

Gertie & Max Regent 2018

Regent was created in Germany in 1967 by crossing Diana, a Silvaner x Müller-Thurgau cross (both Vitis Vinifera), with the hybrid Chambourcin (Vitis Vitaceae, a French-American hybrid). First cultivated for winemaking in 1996, it is today Germany's 12th most planted variety and among the most important disease-resistant quality grapes in the world. In spite of being a northerly, cool-weather red, the wine made from Regent is color-intensive as it is one of the few existing teinturier grapes, i.e., its juice runs red rather than clear like most wine grapes. Gertie & Max is a fabulous intro to this crazy grape: perfectly smooth and overtly flavorful, bursting with blueberries and currants, a wine of simple pleasure measurable in gulps, not sips. Think of it as a Merlot in Juicy Couture™ velour sweatpants

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