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Hure Freres 4 Elements Pinot Meunier 2014

Hure Freres 4 Elements Pinot Meunier 2014

The philosophy of the "4 V" cuvées originated in the Huré brothers' desire to reveal the balance of their terroirs and to observe, understand, and experiment with their unique characteristics. The combination of four elements- one Vineyard, one Variety, one Vintage, and one overriding method of vinification (Vision)- allows for a true, precise reflection within the larger, magnificent mosaic of terroirs that define Champagne.

This Pinot Meunier-only champagne was first made in 2012 and was just the second in the brothers' "4 Elements" (now "4 V") experiment. From the first vintage, they chose the terroir Grosse Pierre due to its production of smaller, concentrated grapes (the result of hydric stress on the vines from the shallow, rocky soils).

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