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Le Brun Cidre Organic NV 750mL

Le Brun Cidre Organic NV 750mL

Le Brun Cidres have been produced in Brittany, France since 1955. Cidres are made using the traditional method of natural fermentation of pure pressed juices from handpicked apples. It all starts with the fruit. The cidery selects superior quality apples (Kermerrien, Marie Ménard, Douce Moên, Peau de Chien, Douce Coëtligné). The orchards are carefully looked after until maturation of the fruits. The apples are picked by hand in order to prevent any damage. Preparing the fruit before cider making is always a process. The apples are collected and aged in special wooden cases for about 3 weeks in order to enable the fruit to slightly dehydrate and concentrate its aromas. The apples are then ready to be mashed. Once this is done, the result (pulp plus juice) is left to rest in a tank. This helps balance the taste profile of the future cider by sweetening possible harsh overtones. The pulp/juice is pressed again to get pure apple juice.

The apple juice is then stored in thermo regulated fermentation tanks and regularly monitored. The foam process is totally natural. It is carried out in a controlled environment to enable the fermentation to generat carbonic gas to dissolve in the cider. The cider is then bottled in champagne like bottles with their traditional natural cork and wire-cap. These ciders are non-pasteurized in order to fully keep their taste profile. A slight filtration is carried out before bottling to rid the fermentation yeast naturally present.

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