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Marginalia Amber Wine 2020

Marginalia Amber Wine 2020

This wine is the most structured of the three 2020 wines, with ample tannin and acidity, and an amber hue in the glass or decanter.  It isn’t particularly aromatic—young Semillon never is—but there’s a whole lot happening on the palate.  Amber wine, sometimes called orange wine, is made by fermenting white grapes on their skins, seeds, and sometimes stems rather than pressing off clear juice before fermentation.  It’s inverted rose: rose is the product of a white wine process applied to red grapes, amber wine is what you get applying a red wine process to white grapes.  In this case we fermented Semillon from Les Collines Vineyard on skins for two weeks before pressing to barrel; this is on the more structured end of the amber wine spectrum, in contrast with the 2019 wine, which was subtler on the palate but more aromatic.  This is versatile wine with food, but it especially shines with heavier foods: cheese, roast pork and pork belly, quiche, etc.

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